Health care benefits

 Health care benefits

Health care benefits
Health care benefits

Many health institutions and bodies seek to provide many different health services and preventive precautions to preserve the health of the individual and society.

The concept of health care Health care is a specific set of main services that health centers provide.

 With the aim of providing all drug treatments for all diseases and various health problems.

 It also works to provide the necessary set of instructions and instructions for the prevention of diseases in addition to the development of healthy behaviors of individuals.

 The state seeks to provide this in order to preserve the health of citizens and society, and government and private bodies are responsible for doing so.

 Where these establishments include all pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

 And medical centers in which a large number of qualified human cadres work.

 Like doctors, nurses, etc.

What are the aspects of health care?

 The World Health Organization has defined the basic aspects of health care based on a set of requirements, which are as follows:

 1- Security and safety

A sense of security and safety is one of the most basic requirements for individuals in society to be able to live a healthy life free from stress. And psychological problems negatively affect the health of the individual and his production in society. 2- the dwelling

One of the most important aspects of health care is also to ensure the provision of adequate and appropriate housing for all family members to maintain their health and prevent them from diseases.

 3- Education

Education is one of the main aspects of care. Through education, a person's awareness of public health is increased. In addition, the person becomes aware and aware of how to preserve it and prevent it from diseases.

 4- food

Proper and integrated nutrition is one of the most important necessities necessary to maintain the general health of the individual. Therefore, care must be taken to provide integrated and balanced diets that contain all the nutrients that the body needs to protect it from diseases.

 5- Income

Poverty is considered one of the main reasons that negatively affect an individual's psychological, physical and social health. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an appropriate and appropriate material income for all the needs of the individual so that the person can provide all his basic requirements. Thus, he can maintain his health from any health problems.

 6- stability

 Environment International health organizations constantly strive to provide an appropriate and appropriate environment for individuals to live within. Because in the event of an imbalance in the ecological balance, it negatively affects the general health of the individual. Such as exposure of the environment to floods or acid rain, and other natural disasters that disturb the ecosystem.

7- Continuous provision of resources

One of the most important aspects of health care is the keenness to provide all kinds of resources on a permanent and sustainable basis, whether they are natural, human or material resources. Because the sustainability of these resources greatly helps in maintaining health and avoiding many diseases.

8- Social justice and equality

 Ensuring the achievement of justice and equality among all members of society in all areas of life. It must also provide all the rights and duties that every individual in society should enjoy, whether they are health, social or other rights.

 It should be noted here that all the previous requirements are not limited to health authorities and institutions only. Rather, it needs the efforts of all the different sectors of society, whether it is the environment, social, productivity and other sectors.

What are the manifestations of a person's health?

 After we mentioned to you the concept of health care, there are many manifestations that indicate the health of the individual, the most important of which are the following:

 Among the manifestations that indicate that this person enjoys good health and does not have health problems is the clarity and purity of the skin, that is, the face is flushed.

* The activity of the individual and his ability to practice all daily activities with all activity and vitality.

* In addition, his mind is present and active, and thus a person can be creative in his life greatly.

 A healthy individual can control and control all the pressures and problems that he faces on a daily basis and get rid of them properly.

 Therefore, a person is advised to maintain his health from various diseases.

* By getting regular exercise daily.

* Be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

The importance of health care

*Health care provides a range of different services to improve the health level in the community.

 * One of the most important of these services is the preservation of all elements of the environment from pollution, in addition to ensuring the cleanliness of water from pollution.

* Treatment of all common diseases and health problems prevalent among members of society, men, women and children.

 * One of the most important health care services is also the provision of many field survey programs.

 * And periodic examinations in order to discover various diseases at an early stage.

 *Following up the diseases that have been discovered and diagnosed, then providing the necessary and appropriate treatment according to each case.

 * Such as pressure, diabetes, mental and nervous diseases, gastroenteritis and other diseases.

 * Providing appropriate medical care for women during pregnancy and after childbirth, in order to take care of the health of the mother and her fetus and protect her from diseases.

* Taking care of the child's health by monitoring and following up on his motor development.

 And measure its growth rate by going to health care centers on a regular basis.

 In order for the notes to be recorded in the card for the child.

 Taking care to provide all types of basic preventive vaccinations for every child.

Spreading health awareness and education among all members of society. This service is one of the most important duties of the family doctor.

 Especially in the field of healthy balanced food.

What are the basic elements of health care?

 There are many basic elements of health care, the most important of which are the following:

* Proper and correct education.

* Preserve water from pollution in order to maintain public health.

* To ensure proper and balanced nutrition, and to take immunizations and vaccinations that the state provides free of charge.

* Combating and resisting many epidemics and endemic diseases.

* In addition to providing appropriate drug treatments to combat widespread diseases and eliminate them once and for all.

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