10 Health problems caused by obesity

Health problems caused by obesity

If you are obese, you are at risk of developing a variety of health problems associated with obesity, including 50 different diseases. The most common ones we mention are: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, infertility, back pain, skin infections, erectile dysfunction, depression. One of the most important things about obesity is the strong relationship between excess weight and depression, because this mood disorder can lead to profound negative effects on daily life.

Health problems caused by obesity
Health problems caused by obesity

A Harvard study on health problems associated with obesity, which collected data from more than 50,000 men (participants in the Health Workforce Research Follow-up Study) and more than 120,000 women (from the Nurses' Health Research), found some weight and health statistics. Volunteers provided researchers with data on their height and weight, as well as data on their diet, health habits, and medical history. Researchers followed volunteers for more than 10 years and compared these developments to the volunteers' body mass index.
Being overweight increases the risk of obesity-related health problems, such as diabetes, 20-fold, and significantly increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and gallstones. In people who are overweight or obese.

1- high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the leading cause of death and heart disease.
2- Diabetes.

Obesity is one of the main factors that lead to the development of insulin resistance in the body that leads to type 2 diabetes.

3- Heart disease.

Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

4- High cholesterol levels.

One of the main causes of obesity is eating too much saturated fat, which increases cholesterol, which is closely linked to heart attacks.

5- Having cancer.


Obesity increases the chances of developing cancer by 50%, and women are more at risk.

6- Infertility.

For women, obesity causes abnormal hormone levels that can cause ovarian failure and thus ovarian cancer and infertility, and in men, they have an increased chance of low sperm count.

7- Back pain.

Obesity affects the spine due to excess body weight, which may cause osteoporosis and arthritis.
8- Skin infections.
One of the most common problems in obese people is the occurrence of infections in the skin due to the folds between the layers of the grandfather.

9- Erectile dysfunction.

Obesity in men causes erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow associated with high blood pressure in most obese people.

10- Depression.

Obesity causes emotional problems such as low self-esteem that may progress to clinical depression in the long term.

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