3-Day Military Diet To Lose Weight As Fast As Possible.( part 1)

The Military Diet is a short-term nutritional plan that helps you lose up to 10 pounds in a week.
 What exactly is the Three Day Military Diet and why is it so popular One of the coolest things about this diet is that it only lasts for three days As you might have already guessed, you can lose up to 10 pounds in no time at all, but You can only achieve such great results if you follow the eating plan of this diet, it is very easy to follow and does not require much on your part. You can easily find it at your nearest grocery store and how exactly it does not work any miracles, just pure metabolism starts by cutting calories inta in no time your body will burn more fat and thus you will lose weight effortlessly it is definitely not your usual starvation diet While it's low in calories it gives you the energy you need for a productive day because it includes healthy fats, carbs and protein but enough theory let's take a look at your menu for the next 3 days.

the first day:

Start your day with a hot caffeinated drink like a cup of coffee or tea, make yourself one slice of toast, even better if it's whole grain with two tablespoons of peanut butter and don't forget to have exactly half of a grapefruit, get ready for some Unconventional combinations Your lunch will be somewhat similar to a cup of hot coffee or tea with a slice of toast and half a cup of tuna do not add anything else, the diet will work only if you strictly follow all the rules at last for dinner. 85g of meat should be eaten and can be boiled or steamed. Fried chicken is not allowed to add a cup of green beans and half a banana. And one small apple for your meal too, you can also treat yourself to one cup of vanilla ice cream, it won't hurt your diet at all plus you totally deserve it for your will power.

the second day:

your breakfast on the second day of the diet will consist of one slice of toast again whole grain is desirable then change things up a little bit with one hard-boiled egg and half a banana when it's time for lunch eat one more hard-boiled egg five saltine crackers and one cup of cottage cheese don't worry it'll give you all the energy you

 need and will fill your stomach up more than you think dinner on day two is a little more interesting your final meal for the day should include two hot dogs yep that's right not one but two hot dogs best diet ever if you ask me oh but you gotta eat them as is no bun or condiments sorry balance that out with a half cup of carrots a cup of broccoli and half a banana .

If you want to add half a cup of vanilla ice cream, it will not hurt.next....

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